• leah the elf: Wait you wrote that
  • leah the elf: i see
  • phil: who did you think wrote it
  • leah the elf: some random penis stoned tumblr user
  • leah the elf: Ya know, High off of the wing wang

extended family saying something like “your personal writing must be amazing!” or ”I’d love to read some sometime.”

Loam was in disarray. Twigs were snapped into pieces and a large pit in the earth indicated where the log Adam stood on belonged. The white insides of some tree trunks could be seen where the bark had been scraped off. The rubber stuck flat to the ground, pasted there like glue. There were tons of them poking out from under disrupted leaves. Adam stuck out a lip.

Ash jabbed an enthusiastic finger in the direction of a decimated bush. “This is a crime scene!”

“Actually, I think it’s more of an orgy.” Adam calmly pulled Ash onto the log with him. “Don’t touch that stuff.”

no i’m good with you never knowing

The amount of dumb imagery/metaphors/motifs I use in my writing is like [weird groaning noise]

The Glory Days Are Over, 3

Warnings: blood, injury, violence, mentions of surgical procedure, addiction
Words: 13131 (I’m not even joking)

I’m sorry if you expected a more bombastic finale but here it is. Also on AO3. (I also have some tunes for it.)

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My method of character development is basically throwing them in the deep end of the pool before teaching them to swim. The weak ones drown.

Unfinished Sockathan robot!AU - De:interlace

The skype group strong-armed me into posting a very very unfinished bit of my Sockathan robot!AU so here it is I apologize for the abruptness and general disconnect. Just. This is a draft in writing and plot. Ok? Ok. Robots make everything better.

Rating: T
Characters: Sock and Jon
Relationships: Sockathan
Warnings: Suicide, death
Words: 3,116

Also on AO3.

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Omg one of my friends was going through my fics on AO3 and she came across First Time in w2h and she texted me like “ooooh Nina I found your dirty secrets” and wouldn’t listen to me. So she texted me back after reading it a few mins later it was just “what the fuck”.

"I haven’t seen anything that smooth since I tried rollerskating."

He waited a good five minutes for a reply.

"Wow, did you really kill yourself with a rubber band ball? That’s kinda pathetic."

now’s not the time sock

He waved her off, smile teasing the physical bounds of his face.

is there any other way to explain Meph’s smile when he’s supposed to be a human bc I haven’t found it yet

bruh The Glory Days is gonna be like 30000 words

bruh The Glory Days is gonna be like 30000 words